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Build "Fund", a donation/support application for proving Phortune works
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Phortune is getting close to being able to do real billing stuff, but no actual product or purchase logic will live inside it -- it's basically infrastructure and UI for letting other applications sell things to users. To test that it works, we need to build an application which sells something. Specifically, something cheap, high-ish volume, and easy to fulfill.

"Phund" is the simplest reasonable application for this, which will let users give us money in exchange for nothing.

Rough v0 featureset:

  • Administrators can create targets ("Initiatives"?), like "Donate Your Real Money to Support Phabricator And Get Nothing Back".
  • Each initiative has explanatory text so users know what they're getting into.
  • Initiatives show total funding and top/recent donors.

Then future work:

  • Initiatives can have goals ("Donate $17 and we'll add chartreuse as a usable color").
  • Users can subscribe to an initiative to, e.g., donate $5 every month.
    • This mostly tests subscriptions.
    • Might be useful to set a subscription price point / make an initiative subscription-only, then let "subscribed to initiative" be used elsewhere?
  • Initiatives can be bound to an object (like a task) and the UI will show initiative information if an object has associated initiatives.
  • Initiatives can "tip" once they hit their goal, like kickstarter. Mostly hard because rules for capturing a charge after a pre-auth are complicated and vary from provider to provider. This may not realistically be feasible.
  • Let donors configure how their donations are shown (anonymous / company / individual).

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I don't love "initiative" but it feels OK.

Remaining monograms are: A, G, I, J, O, X.

We should maybe reserve "A" for Almanac.

"G" would work for "Goal" but I don't like the implication that there's a specific goal.

"I" works for "initiative" but is hard to read in most fonts. Maybe that's fine though, these objects won't be too common.

G, good or Goal or G's (dolla bills, ya'll).

epriestley renamed this task from Build "Phund", a donation/support application for proving Phortune works to Build "Fund", a donation/support application for proving Phortune works.Sep 11 2014, 4:47 PM

"Phund" got phunny looking real phast so I'm just calling this "Fund".

Are you considering Bitcoin for this?

First version seems to be working, we'll build out the feature set as necessary.

In T5835#75538, @g-p-g wrote:

Are you considering Bitcoin for this?

I'll add a Coinbase provider for 1 BTC of fiat currency at today's exchange rate ($384.23).