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Make "magic words" in comment text localizable
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It would be nice if the hardcoded values here were configurable, like the prefixes in maniphest.statuses.

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What prefixes do you want to configure?

When you commit and include "refs T42" in the commit message, it shows up in the task as "user added a commit: sha1". I'd like to change that refs prefix.

Sorry, I mean "if there was a configuration option, what would you set it to?"

Primarily I'd like to localize it, if people are writing commit messages in another language, it looks weird to add "fixes" or "references" in english. But it also seemed strange that you can configure this for statuses, but not for refs.

Ah, okay, that makes sense. If you just wanted to add some other english text we could probably have just hard-coded it in for now, but we should do this properly if you want to localize it.

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T11319#185560 has some additional discussion about somewhat-related-ish issues.