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Support GitHub Enterprise as an OAuth Provider
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The Auth application can only OAuth via
But we would like to connect the GIT on our own company.
Would this feature provided?

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Do you mean you have GitHub Enterprise? Git itself does not offer OAuth, as far as I know.

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Thanks Evan for your response.
Yes, our company is using GitHub Enterprise and I wish to integrate Pphabricator with it.

Our current pain is GItHub Enterprise is not providing good Code Review function. And if Phabricator need auth with username/password we will need everyone link their GitHub name with Phabricator username, and I doubt no much people want to use it then.
I wish if we can let phabricator Auth with our GitHub Enterprise OAuth, it can recognize code commiter in GitHub as well. So everything is linked.

The company GitHub is with URL of, but when I try to use Auth app in Phabricator it is only connecting
I think it could be a simple enhancement to config Phabricator and enable it to connect as well.

Many Thanks

You could just use Phabricator for everything. :)

In T5210#8, @chad wrote:

You could just use Phabricator for everything. :)

Yes, it works great.

But I think GitHub Enterprise is not really supported so far.

I tried to modify PhabricatorAuthOldOAuthRedirectController.php

$provider_map = array(
  'google' => '',
  'github' => '',

But seems not working.

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Yeah, we don't currently support GitHub enterprise as an auth provider.

Judging by the code, it looks like the OAuth logic is fairly cleanly separated from the various specific OAuth implementations (which inherit from it). Instead of (or as well as) giving us a collection of hardcoded GitHub/Amazon/Asana/Disqus OAuth providers in the auth options, could there just be a catch-all configurable OAuth provider option?

I don't believe it is practical to modularize OAuth more than it is already modularized. OAuth doesn't define how to get information about user accounts (like email, account ID, profile picture, etc)., so the GitHub vs Amazon vs Etc choice is irreducible.

We could push it a layer deeper and let you select it later in the process, but that would just make the URI/Tokens interface worse, since it wouldn't be able to provide tailored instructions for how to find the correct tokens.

Aha, I see. The only real difference between GitHub Enterprise and is a couple of URLs ( -> yourdomain, and -> yourdomain/api/v3/), which is what I was hoping to be able to configure with my proposal :(

This is conceptually easy but we have no outstanding requests from customers.