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Pidgin plugin for Phabricator Conpherence
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I think I can create multiplatform plugin for pidgin, which would be written in C and C++, which will help users stay in touch with other project members, even if browser is closed. Currently I am writing simillar plugin for Polish site (screenshot of the plugin).

To create something simmilar for Phabricator I need API for Conpherence, but AFAIK thre is one already created :)

It would be great if someone could give me some feedback, whether this kind of plugin could be interesting for typical user of phabricator, or is it only my imagination :)

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I think this would be great. I'd like to use it in my mobile phone as well as in my desktop. Current web qpp lacks native notification (at least in mobile).

Pls pls. Implement it.

It would be also nice to have a Telepathy plugin.

This would provide support for at least the following platforms: