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Receiving "Failed to load the commit because the commit has not been parsed yet." after updating phabricator.
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After updating phabricator today to revesion 0db6aad80d56, I receive this error when i try to view a commit:

Failed to load the commit because the commit has not been parsed yet.

reparsing had no effect so I investigated a little.

It seems that D8805 has caused this. I experimented s/JOIN/LEFT JOIN/ at DiffusionCommitQuery.php:464 and it seemed to fix the error. We may have not an audit for a commit.

Or am i missing something?

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+1 We have just upgraded Phabricator to head, and get the same error message on almost all commits in all repositories (we have a commit in one repository that was git pushed into the repo and then audited, which will display).

D8879 has a fix for this, but does slightly more than it should. Let me split that apart so we can pick up the LEFT JOIN fix without the GROUP BY changes, which need a little more work.

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D8882 should fix this, if you want to try that before it gets reviewed.

This should be fixed in HEAD. Thanks for the report! Let us know if you run into anything else.