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Support "Mylyn" Eclipse plugin
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Mar 3 2014, 1:41 AM
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Request via email.

My Use Cases

I normally use the Eclipse IDE as my development environment. In previous projects that I've hosted, I've taken the time to setup Bugzilla and use the Eclipse Mylyn plugin and its connectors to interact with the tasks/defects in Bugzilla from within the Eclipse IDE itself. Basically, this level of integration allowed me to minimize context switching between different applications (e.g. from IDE back to browser back to IDE, rinse and repeat, etc) and be more efficient as a developer, among other things.

Why I Want the Features

I think the feature would be a good addition to the system and allow me, and likely others, to become more efficient. Currently, this is one of the only things that I've (so far) noticed has reduced the efficiency of my regular workflow. Given that Mylyn is a popular task management plugin, it seems to make sense to leverage its capabilities to make Phabricator better overall.

Overall Goals

The overall goal of this request is to be able to integrate Maniphest task/defect/etc information available in Phabricator into the Eclipse IDE in order to perform the usual CRUD operations from within the IDE itself using the Mylyn task management plugin. You can check Mylyn's Bugzilla connector as a working example of the main idea. Who knows, maybe other areas of Phabricator could eventually be integrated as well, if they make sense.

My Current Problem

I've found that, in trying Phabricator for ~2 months, there's currently nothing available that would allow me to get this level of seamless integration in Eclipse.

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It is absolutely makes sense, I'd like to see this sort of functionality as well. Maybe another way of attacking this would be from mimicking the way EGit integrate Git into Eclipse

Me too.
I'd like to see this sort of functionality.

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When will a feature be considered for implementation? Our team would really like to see that feature...

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I have started to make a plugin, so far its pre aplha and its a shameless copy of the the Track plugin, so far not very useful.

But I have managed to connect to my phabricator and download the tasks.

The code will be uploaded to my new repo here.

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We have no customer interest in this and no current plans to pursue it.