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Support Azure as an auth provider
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Initial impressions:

  • Auth code isn't usable as-is because it depends on $_SESSION and internal redirects.
  • There's a messy dependency on SimpleSAMLPHP, which is huge.

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Current state of the world is:

  • We've seen relatively little interest in this.
  • Repeatably testing this provider so we can update and maintain it appears to be difficult (see D10297#120701).

Given these, we have no current plans to bring this support upstream.

As a general note, Azure appears to have both SAML and OAuth flavors. D10297 / D10289 implement the OAuth flavors, and don't invoke the messy SAML problem. I'm not sure if these providers are equivalent or not.

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This can be implemented as a third-party extension. We're unlikely to ever pursue it upstream without customer interest.

@epriestley Sorry bringing up this ancient task. I am also interested in this Azure OAuth feature. Would you kindly point me to some third-party extension coding guideline/documents? I've dug around for the docs, but not found any.