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Implement "Fullscreen" feed mode with automatic updates
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We are using a unattended dashboard PC which renders the Phabricator feed. Would be great the feed updates if new object are updated. Either pull or push is fine.

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I think this is a reasonable feature, but it should be a dedicated mode rather than the default behavior (I hate feed auto-update on Facebook, which frequently changes what I'm looking at right as I'm about to click it).

There was some discussion of integration with the fullscreen API earlier for Countdown. Adding a "Fullscreen" mode for Feed might be a good fit here, and would expand to Countdown and maybe other apps in the future (Calendar?).

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I agree it should not be the default and having this in a different screen is fine for me too.

I think it could be useful if there is a button in Feed that creates a seperate "pop-out" window (one without navigation bar etc) that auto-updates