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Consider fullscreen modes for Pholio (and other applications?)
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@paularmstrong suggested using browser fullscreen APIs for Pholio:

paul: epriestley: would be nice to have the ability to use the browser's fullscreen api on it
epriestley: paul: I'll haven't played around with it much, but I'll file something -- you'd want all the controls still, but the sort of black-backgrounded panel would be what would fullscreen?
paul: i think all i'd want is the images fullscreen on a black background with left/right keys on my keyboard for switching between images
paul: the ability to add the on-image comments would be a bonus
paul: maybe show the image caption while mouse is moving on a timer
paul: here's an example of some nice fullscreen for image albums on imgur:
paul: click "View album in fullscreen" on right

There might be some other uses, too ("super order mode" springs to mind).

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epriestley added a project: Pholio.

✘ Merged into T3899.

I played around with this. It's fairly easy to get working, but the experience feels really rough to me in all browsers:

  • In Safari, the animation into fullscreen is really gross.
  • In Chrome and Firefox there are mandatory floating dialogs when you enter the mode.
  • Everywhere, developer tools aren't hidden by the transition.
  • Everywhere, the transition is encumbered by browsers protecting users from malicious sites entering fullscreen suddenly to trick users. However, these protections basically take the form of making the experience a trashy mess.

@chad, unless you think this is really desirable I'm inclined to push it to v2.

Oh, and Chrome kicks you out if you use the history API (?) or press any key (??) or something.

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I merged T4101 here because our current evaluation (see D9570) is that the browser fullscreen APIs still have a lot of issues and undesirable behavior, and we're unlikely to pursue them in any application until browser support improves.

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