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Sep 15 2014

RoadRunnr added a comment to T6084: Hide Harbormaster / Drydock more, or warn users more about using them.
In T6084#8, @hach-que wrote:

Having used Jenkins, Buildbot, CruiseControl.NET, Bamboo and a few others over the course of developing software both personally and at work, I don't believe anyone actually uses these build engines because they're nice to use (almost every build server transition I've seen comes down to "well, it's not as bad as the previous one"). While Harbormaster isn't exactly a shining beacon of usability at the moment, many existing build engines either suffer performance issues, are quite heavy in terms of resource usage, are poorly architected, are expensive, don't scale and / or are just downright convoluted to configure. I think with the direction that Harbormaster is heading, it will be able to address a significant number of those problems and we'll see people opting to change their build server to Harbormaster rather than integrate with their existing one.

Sep 15 2014, 8:24 AM · Documentation