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Allow assignment of bugs to an individual via a project
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Allow bugs to be assigned to "Photos" and have the system figure out who the right point of contact is. This feature is obviously awesome, it just needs datasources to draw from.

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I believe this is what we're looking for as well. We'd like to be able to submit a new task and just assign the project, and allow users with a role in a project to have those show up in their "needs triage" feed, and either assign or accept them as needed.

After a bunch of discussion about this (see IRC), I think this is probably better covered with Herald and other systems. The original idea served primarily to address a Facebook problem (a very convoluted and leaky bug triage pipeline circa 2010), but this problem was at least partially of Facebook's own making. In the general case, tagging the task with a project and then using ApplicationSearch and Herald should address this use case better and more simply, without introducing new concepts.

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