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Render Remarkup files in Diffusion
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It would be great to Render i.e. when viewing it in Diffusion (Like [1]).

quite a bit for all documentation which goes with the source code, an using revisions to even review the source code of the documentation. Works well enough apart from the fact that it would be nice to have good rendered view.


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This is basically two tasks -- Diffusion support is straightforward. Support elsewhere is not.

To support this in Diffusion, we need to select a reStructuredText rendering engine and then audit it for security issues. This will probably take some significant effort, since markup parsers aren't easy to audit and, e.g., the reST demo page allows javascript:// links, which create an attack vector. reST doesn't seem to have been built for the untrusted-user-text use case, so I'd worry that we may find more issues lurking under the hood (like the known-hash-replacement attack against Markdown from a while ago).

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I'm merging this into the newer T5698, because that one has slightly more discussion and more subscribers.

They both started life as "Render GH-flavored-MD in diffusion", and are now both "Render Remarkup in diffusion".