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Back button support in Lightbox
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A lot of times now, I've clicked on an image to bring up the lightbox, then habitually hit the back button on my mouse to get out of it.
I think I'm used to how Facebook handles this -- if you hit the back button in the lightbox on Facebook, it simply closes the lightbox. On Phabricator, it takes me back an entire page.

I think Facebook implements this with the HTML 5 history API (but I could be wrong here - I'm not sure how else it would be done, but I'm sure there are other ways, and I haven't looked into it).

Would it be reasonable to explore using that here? I guess this sort of deps on T2086 if we do use the history API?

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This is reasonable and correctly dep'd on T2086 -- major technical hurdle is that we first-class URIs for the lightboxes to do this properly (i.e., when you copy/paste whatever's in the URL bar it should theoretically pop the right image up in a lightbox...)

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