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Add keyboard shortcuts for Maniphest
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T184 resolved shortcuts for Differential but the Manifest doesn't have something similar.

I would love to have shortcuts on both query result (list view) and/or a single task. I want something like Gmail's shortcuts: being able to navigate through tasks with j/k and apply actions including close task, change privilege and claim/assign with other keys.

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This seems reasonable but should probably wait until after Maniphest picks up the new design ({T1835}, etc)

epriestley renamed this task from Add keyboard shortcuts for Manifest to Add keyboard shortcuts for Maniphest.Oct 19 2012, 4:20 PM
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We haven't seen other requests for this in a very long time. New interfaces like the edit button and workboards have made some task management operations easier since this was filed.

phabricator search shortcuts are brilliant, however, maniphest lacking keyboard shortcuts is a real shortcoming, IMO.

Dropping in here to +1 keyboard shortcutrs on on Maniphest. Would be of huge help to us.

Would love love love to see shortcuts, even just the ability to close a task and return to the previous board would be huge...

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It's generally better for us to understand why you want such a feature. For example if you're a triager, Nuance will be a better fit for optimizing incoming bugs and tasks. T5815 may also be of interest.

Yes. I am also looking for shortcuts even as simple as closing the current task. Currently we need many mouse clicks: 1. Add Action.., 2. Click Change Status, 3. click submit button, totally 3 mouse moves.