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Make "Members" lists in projects more clear about disabled members
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See PHI1504. The main project page shows a "Members" sidebar element, and the "Members" section has a members list and a "Watchers" list.

In all cases, disabled members are not clearly indicated. These changes would probably improve the state of the world:

  • The profile panel has a limit of 5 users. This could reasonably be increased a bit (say, to 10).
  • The profile panel should probably use the "View All" list-bottom element rather than the "View All" header button, now that the former element exists.
  • The profile panel should exclude disabled members, but show "View All" if they exist.
  • The profile panel should be relabeled "Active Members" -- and possibly exclude the count, since we can no longer easily execute it cheaply for arbitrarily large projects.
  • The members section should sort disabled users to the bottom.
  • The members section should mark disabled users as disabled.
  • (The members section should possibly sort editors to the top and mark them as editors? This is probably more expensive than is desirable on the profile page.)
  • The watchers list should sort disabled users to the bottom.