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Phacility/Phortune invoice email merchant behavior changed circa June 22
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Probably not remotely urgent, but the intended behavior of Phortune is that merchant members are CC'd on invoicing email. For Phacility, that's me.

I stopped receiving invoice email for instances I'm not a member of around June 22. The most obvious recent change (D20613) is probably not the culprit, since that landed on June 24th (after the email behavior changed) and I don't see any way it could have changed the behavior.

I suspect the actual culprit is more likely something like D20525, and the rationale is that I'm not actually a legal recipient for these emails because I can't actually view the objects they're about given the way Phortune rules currently work. I'm not sure if D20525 actually deployed on the right schedule to really be the culprit, but there were a couple of other changes in that vein and I'm guessing one of them affected the behavior.

We're still billing things properly, and I'm still receiving invoicing email for instances I actually manage and have access to (e.g. meta).