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On Workboards, "Move Tasks to Column..." has high friction in the common use case (selecting a column on the same board)
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See downstream See also PHI240, which is somewhat adjacent, but deals with a special case involving subprojects.

On workboards, the "Move Tasks to Column..." action first prompts you to select a project (with the current project filled in), then prompts you to select a column.

It's likely that about 95%+ of the time users choose this option, they want to move tasks to a column on the same board. To do this, you're supposed to click through the first dialog (which is pre-filled with the current board, so this isn't a lot of work), then select a column in the second step.

This is theoretically reasonable, but the prompt for a project is surprising and users are reasonably somewhat on auto-pilot here, and primed with a strong expectation that they'll be choosing a column, not a project. We can likely smooth out this interaction by separating "Move Tasks to Column..." into two different flows:

  • Move Tasks to Column [ on this Workboard ]...
  • Moev Tasks to Project [ and then pick a column ]...

The two flows will go to the same place, the first flow just skips the first step and defaults to "current project".