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"Download Raw Diff" may fail in a misleading way after failing to engage the chunk engine if the raw diff is larger than 4MB
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See PHI1296. The "Download Raw Diff" flow generates a single diff blob, then turns it into an object in Files for download.

It does this in an older way that bypasses the chunk engine, and fails with a misleading error if the blob is larger than 4MB (and no engine is configured to store huge chunks, which they normally shouldn't be).

To reproduce:

  • Create a 9MB diff.
  • Configure one or more file storage engines in a reasonable way with an 8MB limit.
  • Click Download Raw Diff.

Expected behavior:

  • File is broken into chunks internally, stored, and downloaded normally.

Actual behavior:

  • Failure with misleading "no configured storage engine can store this file" error.