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Phabricator "Backups" instructions are somewhat out of date
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Modern Phabricator supports --output X to bin/storage dump, which is safer than ... > X (errors like "disk full" are handled better).

It also supports --compress, and --compress --output X is safer than ... | gzip > X for the same reasons. However, --compress depends on gzopen() being available, and that might be less widely available than gzip? Currently, bin/storage dump --compress ... likely does not guide users toward the light if gzopen() is not available.

Perhaps we should just recommend --output without --compress and mention --compress, and/or improve the failure mode of --compress when gzopen() is unavailable.

In theory, gzopen() should be widely available, so perhaps we try our luck:

  • Improve --compress failure.
  • Recommend --compress --output X.
  • Watch for users running into issues.