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Create a "Sounds" application
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See T13269. Workboard triggers support "Play a sound", but don't support custom sounds. We currently also use sounds in two other cases: macros with optional sounds and Conpherence notification sounds.

In recent versions of Safari, pages may not autoplay sounds on load. D20306 found some approximate workarounds for this, but other sound sources likely need updates/unification.

Broadly, it would be nice for administrators and users to be able to provide custom sounds, and for sounds to be modular/extensible so we can ship a Pikachu saying "pikachu" 30 different ways sound pack after we acquire Nintendo.

See downstream circa 2017, a user reports audio macros replaying from a preview despite regeneration of the preview.

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epriestley triaged this task as Normal priority.May 19 2019, 9:04 PM
epriestley created this task.

If we were just doing personal notification sounds, I think there'd be a good argument for making this a Settings panel.

And if we were just doing global install sounds, I think there'd be a good argument for making this a Config panel.

However, I'd like to accommodate both personal and global use cases, e.g.:

  • an administrator adds sounds for everyone, like the CEO saying "Yee-Haw" or whatever (very motivational!);
  • individual users add arbitrary sounds and use them as personal notification sounds or in contexts they control (so you can have Conpherence play the Game of Thrones theme when you get a message or whatever);
  • you install a "Reasonable, Professional Sounds for Phabricator 1.0" extension and get a sensible default set of beeps and boops that are generally unobjectionable in a serious business environment.

I think this motivates making "Sounds" a separate application.

Then we maybe have a bit of weirdness around the permissions model. If I upload my 900 favorite Spongebob quotes for personal use they probably shouldn't show up in the typeahead, but if you edit a trigger that uses one of my Spongebob quotes you should be able to see it, and when you drop a task into that column you should be able to hear Spongebob make a squishy sponge sound or whatever.

So probably we put a nullable ownerPHID on each sound and let you view any sound, but the typeahead only browses through (null, viewerPHID) by default.

For builtins we have a builtinKey sort of thing that we can model on various pre-existing cases (Edit form configurations, repository URIs).

I don't think sounds need a view policy (always most-open-policy) or an edit policy (always owner for owned sounds and "administrators" for global sounds). For now, we can reserve "make sound a global sound" for Administrators and maybe specialize that with an application permission eventually if necessary.

We could have "Copy Sound" or something but realistically we aren't building some kind of cutting edge revolutionary toolkit here, just smoothing some edges off the weird hacky non-modular way we're currently doing sound management/reuse.


  • We can make the "Play Sound" tokenizer accept multiple tokens.
  • When the tokenizer has more than one token, we select a sound at random.
  • GREAT feature.