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Draft revisions and the Herald "Is newly created" condition interact badly
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Herald rules that match "Is newly created" do not work as expected when Drafts are enabled.


  • Enable prototypes.
  • Write a herald rule that watches revisions and specifies a "Is newly created" condition, with a "send email" action.
  • Create a new revision.

No email is sent when the revision promotes out of Draft state.

Example rule: H170 Watch Revisions

First pass (creation):

Third pass (promotion):

All passes:

See T13027, D18819.

Event Timeline

epriestley added a subscriber: epriestley.

This is expected: the revision is not newly created.

You likely want this rule instead:

[ Repository ][ is any of ][ X ]
Take actions [ only the first time this rule matches ]:
[ Send me an email ]

Note the use of "only the first time this rule matches".

This is expected: the revision is not newly created.

Or, specifically, there are two possible triggers:

  • When the revision is created, it is "newly created", but it can not send email, so the rule does not evaluate and has no effect.
  • When the revision promotes from draft and can send email, it is no longer "newly created", so the rule has no effect.