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Diffusion "Branches: None" should be more clear that it means "Branches: No Tracked Branches"
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See PHI267. Currently, Diffusion can show this in the UI for commits:

Branches: None
Tags: None

This actually means "no tracked branches/tags", not "no branches/tags". This can be confusing when it interacts with other behaviors.

However, in repositories which use "git push = save changes", the number of values in the "branches" field may be very large (e.g., hundreds of epriestley-tmp-bugfix-123 branches for any commit that has been on master for a while).

A better behavior would probably be to detect that the commit is present on untracked branches and show this:

Branches: No Tracked Branches (Show Untracked Branches)

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See T13277. I'd like to move away from "Track Only".

Our behavior under "Permanent Refs" is already sensible, as far as I know.