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Regularly update i18n JSON localisation files
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I'm not sure if this was the intention from T5267, but;00108900457eda804c9c786dd76ff96620a05195 is a one-time file, and is not updated when an upgrade happens.

Would it be possible to provide a repository where the i18n files are regularly updated in JSON format so that volunteers from Wikimedia can start working on T5267?

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The tools to perform this export are available in that project already. We don't plan to run the tools for you, since this just makes the workflow more complicated: you already have access to the tools you need to do this yourself.

For example, this will extract up-to-date strings from a given copy of Phabricator:

translatewiki/ $ ./bin/translatewiki export ../path/to/phabricator/src --as phabricator

The bin/translatewiki generate tool can take things in the other direction.

A particular advantage of giving you the tools to do this yourself is that you can also extract strings from your own Phabricator extensions. If we ran the tool for you, we could generate string files for arcanist, libphutil and phabricator, but could not reasonably generate string files for the WMF sprint extension, the WMF workflow extension, the WMF security extension, and so on. Since we gave you a tool instead, you can translate all your extensions using the same pipeline.

Thank you. Will update the WMF task with this information.

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