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Warning For Past Events
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Root Problem: We've got some weekly events - sometimes "Recurring", sometimes not. It isn't unusual for someone to get confused and RSVP for the meeting from two weeks ago, instead of the upcoming meeting.

It's not hard to wind up on the wrong event, of course: the wrong object code, an old link, a notification email, or anything of the sort can lead someone to an older event. They see the title (which rarely changes), don't check the little date below it, and bombs away.

Possible Solution: It would be fantastic if the Calendar had a warning somewhere if you are viewing/editing/acting on an event that is in the past.

Event Timeline

I think it's probably reasonable for us to warn about RSVP'ing to an event which has already ended. I'd guess this is usually a mistake, and in cases where it isn't some kind of weird off-label workflow is taking place and the warning is probably fine.

We could also reasonably hide or downplay the quick actions (notably "Accept", "Decline") since they're less likely to be the user's intended interactions.

Separately, better hinting about "You're viewing a past event." also seems potentially reasonable, but I think roadblocking the actual RSVP action is more immediately promising and less ambiguous in a product sense.