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Search by tag does not work in Phriction
Closed, ResolvedPublic


  1. Add a tag to a wiki page.
  2. Go to Phriction advanced search.
  3. Enter tag into Tags field and click Search.
  4. All pages are returned, regardless of tags.
phabricator 5885704800a97aadf47aee5654ff2647b40fb4ad (Sat, Jun 10) (branched from 3400f24c8b53a742b6dd39a9c244f45c51db85ac on origin)
arcanist 0c53a35d30e924f902510eb2e497ae5934209304 (Fri, Jun 9) (branched from c04f141ab0231e593a513356b3832a30f9404627 on origin) 
phutil 612619d0040b5e13c4e068dce443217abbc10a00 (Fri, Jun 9) (branched from 74a1350416eb2df825c2315d6519bee03f77bee9 on origin)