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Creating an Owners package before creating any repositories shows a blank select when adding paths to the package
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This is really minor, but a user who hasn't made any repositories won't have any obvious next steps if they try to make an Owners package. See screenshot:

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See also vaguely related T12590.

epriestley closed this task as Resolved.Mar 29 2018, 6:27 PM
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I think this is sort of less bad/weird now, at least. You get a tokenizer instead, which is still empty, but you're prompted to "Type a repository name..." and the UI isn't this odd empty select thing anymore.

Maybe in a totally ideal world we'd add some additional hinting here to guide you toward Diffusion, but I think the hint text describing what the control is for is probably good enough given that users haven't actually bumped into this as far as I know.