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Allow to save custom workboard filters other than "default"
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As @epriestley mentioned in this comment, which I found referenced in a WMF task, someone should open a new task for this feature request. It is currently possible by a workaround to get something similar by saving bookmarks, but it would be nice and consistent with queries if there would be the possibility to save custom filters for workboards.

We are using project workboards for weekly stand-up meetings, in which we discuss what's going on and who is doing what. It is useful to switch to filtered views like "only tasks updated in the last week" or "assigned but untouched for at least a week" to get a better understanding of what's really going on recently.

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I'm going to merge this into T12374.

If you have time, answering the questions in T12374#214870 on that task might be helpful. There are many possible implementations of this feature (e.g., per user/per workboard/global) and it's not clear to me which are desired from the use cases. It would also be helpful to understand what the major stumbling blocks are for using "bookmarks" and "saving queries to the menu" as workarounds (just cumbersome? Not the right scope/audience?).