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Phriction Public Visibility requires login
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It seems that setting "Visible To" as Public (No Login Required) does not take effect.


  • Allow public access in config
  • Set a document to Visible To: Public
  • Open document in Incognito mode

Login page comes up

Expected results:
Document should get displayed

System does have a public Space, but spaces are not integrated into Phriction as of yet (T8493)

Version Info
phabricator 81675e3302a2f2464764b24d8cc94238e4a1e541 (Mon, Mar 13)
arcanist 3b6b523c2b236e3724a1e115f126cb6fd05fa128 (Feb 18 2017)
phutil 13a200ca7621ab2b48a0c395f52f8c4411bbc686 (Sat, Mar 4)

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I can't reproduce this. Phriction is successfully public on this install:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.17.49 AM.png (989×1 px, 169 KB)


The root is visible to users only.
We only marked certain docs for public, but they require login.


So root must always be visible to all?