Crumb width on profile pages is extremely conservative in Safari (always chops off the last couple letters?)
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Just making sure I don't forget about this, since I haven't had a chance to figure out what the conditions/root cause are yet.

On Safari, I'm seeing profile crumbs shortened very aggressively, but I think it's just chopping off the end, not hitting any actual width limit:

I'd guess this is probably a weird side effect of D17361.

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Thanks, Safari

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just revert the change if you want... or fix

I made some effort to fix this, but without much headway:

  • We currently render <span> name </span> (extra spaces around the name) so that double-clicking the name only selects the text (useful to select T123, etc).
  • Removing the spaces fixes the overflow, but breaks double-click to select.
  • Removing float: left (and moving the spaces to surround the divider instead? Not sure if I tried them independently.) fixes double-click to select but ostensibly breaks IE8-10 (see T12027, originally T5902).
  • I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to look at stuff in IE8-IE10 and pretty much got nowhere.
    • IE10 refuses to install.
    • Somewhat interestingly, detects that I am running "Windows 8 32-bit" and won't let me install IE9 (Windows itself detects that I am running Windows 7, 64-bit, which is consistent with what was printed on the install disks).
    • There are some services online that take screenshots of old IE for you but I'm not sure if any of them are actually any good. I poked around a little without much success. Maybe BrowserStack?
    • Do we even still need to support IE8-10? Microsoft seems to have end-of-life'd them about a year ago, although the exact policy is a big complicated mess and I imagine that doesn't mean no one is using them.

Are you OK with this plan?

  • Get rid of float: left (expectation: this breaks crumbs on IE8-IE10 but fixes overflow and double-click-to-select for everyone else).
  • Publish "After 2017 Week 7, Internet Explorer 10 and older are no longer supported." in the changelog with some additional language around how IE11 was released more than 3 years ago, Microsoft end-of-life'd 8-10 a year ago, etc.
  • Going forward, only support IE11 because testing IE8-10 is unreasonably difficult.
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why can't you test 8-10? I thought you could do that with the inspection tools?

According to compatibility mode on my machine (Windows 7, IE 11, in IE10 mode), there is no crumb bug in IE10 if float: left is removed. This isn't consistent with T5902 or with other results I got (e.g., this thing says there is such a bug).

(I'm not sure how "Compatibility Mode" and the DOM inspector are interacting, so maybe I'm just using it incorrectly.)

In IE11-in-IE8-mode, the product is just barely usable to accomplish very simple goals: dashboard panels do not load, pages with a curtain view render with a huge gulf of blank space between the content and the curtain, background-size doesn't work so almost every image shows only the upper 1/4th of the image (or nothing at all), the curtain and "Authored by X on Y." subheader don't float correctly relative to one another so the first page of content in Differential and Maniphest is just blank (this seems inconsistent), the "Log In" text is invisible (blue link on blue header), the favorites menu is barely visible (dark grey star on blue header), etc. Actually, all Javascript appears to be nonfunctional. Since no one has complained, I suspect we're safe to formally drop IE8 support.

I can't immediately find any major brokenness in IE11-in-IE9-mode or IE11-in-IE10 mode, though, so I can't really make the same "it's totally broken so no one can possibly be using it" argument there.

I'll just undo D17361 for now since the "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" thing is only a theoretical problem, and we can think about this more carefully outside of the context of a release cut.

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I think this got fixed by D17483.