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Allow to rename applications
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Despite using Phabricator since some months now on-and-off (at KDE), I still cannot grasp the names for the applications. Can we please get a way to rename those to something more self-explanatory? This would not only make my life easier, but also improves the usability of phabricator for all users. I explicitly would like to have a way to rename:

  • Maniphest -> Task Tracker
  • Differential -> Pre-Commit Code Review
  • Audit -> Post-Commit Code Review
  • Diffusion -> Code Browser
  • Phriction -> Wiki (I guess?)

E.g. going to , I head to click through the apps until I found that "Maniphest" allows me to report feature requests and bugs. How is a new person supposed to know?

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milianw created this task.Feb 15 2017, 10:59 PM
avivey added a subscriber: avivey.Feb 15 2017, 11:04 PM

Starting about ~3 weeks ago, you can "rename" them, that is - change the text on the menu, either for yourself or (As an admin) for everybody - see

ah ok, then I'll have to wait to get the KDE instance updated. Thanks. From my POV, this can be closed then.

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chad added a subscriber: chad.Feb 16 2017, 12:20 AM

Some applications have been around longer than Phabricator has been a platform, fwiw. Renaming them is not an insignificant task (and very disruptive).

I find it noteworthy that this request comes from KDE, a project which ships a large number of applications with nonliteral names featuring "K" wordplay ("Konversation" instead of "IRC Client", "Konqueror" instead of "Browser", "KCachegrind" instead of "Graphical Frontend for Cachegrind, a Cache Profiler that is part of Valgrind, a Profiler Suite With An Unfortunate Nonliteral Name", and so on).

This request comes from me. I'm an individual. I have tagged it as KDE since I want to use it on the KDE instance of phabricator. I'm part of KDE, but I'm _not_ KDE.

People have raised the same usability issue I have raised here with the names you mention. Just there are historical issues elsewhere is no excuse to make the same mistakes elsewhere. Also note that in KDE one can rename applications... (symlinks, changing .desktop files).

Really, what was the point of this jab? Is this how you deal with all bug reporters?

The point of my comment was that as someone familiar with KDE, which is broadly a project with a somewhat-similar application structure and somewhat-similar application names, you should reasonably be aware that what you are asking for is not likely to be trivial or straightforward.

Is this how you deal with all bug reporters?

See T12134 for some recent data on how we deal with bug reports. Broadly, bug reports (and, to some degree, feature requests) tend to fit into two buckets:

  • About half of them follow the clearly documented project guidelines. In almost every case we fix these almost instantly, often within minutes.
  • About half of them make no effort to follow the project guidelines. The outcome of these reports is essentially always poor for everyone involved.