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Allow mentions to work in Phriction edit notes
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Currently, mentioning a task when editing a Phriction document does nothing, but it should perhaps build a mentioned in link on the Task instead. Like other objects do. It may make sense to either do this in edit notes of Phriction comments, or maybe both.

Original Request:

I use Maniphest to manage tasks which require creation and/or editing of Phriction wiki documents. When creating or editing a Phriction document there is a handy "Edit notes" field which can be used to briefly describe the nature of the change (much like a commit message might be used in Git).

Currently, authors/editors of Phriction wiki pages must return to the task driving the work and manually comment on what was done or close the issue, as appropriate. I have tried using task references in edit notes like so:

New page on retro encabulator maintenance (Fixes T1234)

However, the Fixes doesn't do what I expect: automatically close the referenced task. The same goes for Ref to refer to a task.

I searched the site to see if this feature existed or has been requested and my search came up empty. If am mistaken and this feature already exists or is in development, kindly close this task and point me in the right direction.

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This is an very specific feature request. I can't imagine anyone knowing about it, expecting it, or using it other than yourself. This would also be exceedingly cumbersome to build and maintain.

How often are you doing this operation? Given you must go to the task to copy/paste the task id, why can't you just close it instead?

I have an infrastructure project that mostly involves writing/updating documentation. It is somewhat of a hassle because while closing the task when it is done is not usually a problem, I have found that it is not common for people make their way over to a task after updating the documentation to comment on it (when the task is still not yet ready to be closed).

It would be nice to have this as it would give a more complete view of task progress, like when you have several commits in the task's feed they indicate that work is being done.

I honestly thought it would be rather straightforward to implement, but then that is an opinion based squarely on my ignorance regarding Phabricator's architecture and internals.

I've been using Phabricator for over two years now on several projects and I can certainly continue to live without this feature. So, feel free to close this request if it is asking for too much.

There is a tangental path forward with T1894, which if we add comments there, and you mention the task, an association should get made back to the task.

It won't close the task, but they will be connected.

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I think it would be reasonable to treat this field as remarkup (at least, internally -- probably no bulky UI) so we end up generating a mention on the task. I have similar reservations about making "fixes X" start performing magic in surprising contexts.