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Provide time-to-review statistics and reporting in Facts
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I fully expect this to get closed as a duplicate of T4171 and T1562. I'm mostly writing this to give a use case for when that project eventually moves along. Please let me know if this is unhelpful.

At a fairly large company we have a number of teams that are not always the best at doing code reviews. These teams have come to us and asked us to provide some metrics that will help them set OKRs (i.e., team level goals). The interest here is not around making decisions. Instead these teams understand that they have an issue and want a motivating and trackable number to help incentivize them to get better.

Some metrics that we care about are

  • time to first review from publish
  • time to review given you reviewed it at all
  • how often do revisions get accepted without change

These are especially interesting to know for a given code review approximate size.

Internally we already have tooling to track a fair amount of this and teams use this tool on a regular basis.

As an example of the type of data and dashboards we provide this is for my team:

pasted_file (310×2 px, 82 KB)

pasted_file (904×2 px, 131 KB)

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The WMF downstream has some similar discussion here and in linked tasks:

I think their use case is an outlier: many open source projects under a very wide umbrella, with best available information suggesting that mean time to review might be on the order of 6 months -- that data is a little questionable and median is likely a much better measure than mean, but my sense is that there is consensus that review is often slow and something that many users would like to see improved.

We have SAAS customer interest in this too, now.