Maybe add a (fullscreen workboard) menu item or URL for link
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If I'm spending days at a time on a workboard as a PM, I might just want to favorite the fullscreen version (given upcoming sidebar changes).

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chad created this task.Jan 27 2017, 10:19 PM

We could do some URL magic in JS to add ?fullscreen=yes to the URL bar when you activate the fullscreen mode, then respect that. However it will take 75 hours.

chad added a comment.Jan 28 2017, 1:14 AM

I think we can just offer more options in ProjectMenuItem

This would be helpful; post-T4900: Workboards updating in real time this would let the workboard be a broadcast mechanism of progress on an office screen, for instance.

Currently the workboard has an option for fullscreen display. However this setting is lost when the browser refreshes. Since we're using Chrome + a Chrome autorefresh extension (SuperAutoRefresh) to display a Phabricator workboard on a bigscreen TV it would be useful if this setting is persisted across refreshes. Like ?fullscreen=yes as suggested.

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