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Differential keyboard shortcuts for navigating diffs disappeared in the last update
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Steps to Reproduce

Go to any differential revision (e.g. on this instance:
Press Shift+? to pull up the list of keyboard shortcuts
All of the shortcuts related to navigating the diff appear to be gone (e.g. n/p, j/k), the only available shortcuts are z/?/'/'/esc (it's not just that they're not displayed in that list, you can try using the old shortcuts, but nothing happens).


I noticed this issue after upgrading to

I think the shortcuts went away in: (at least on a test instance inserting "Javelin::initBehavior('differential-keyboard-navigation',
array( 'haunt' => null));" on line 465 of src/applications/differential/controller/DifferentialRevisionViewController.php brought them back, and that commit seems to be the one that removed a similar line).

Since that commit mentions it broke a lot of stuff this might be intentional, but I couldn't find anything explicitly in the commit message or release notes, so I thought I'd report it.