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Toolbar shows I have notifications when I have none.
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For some odd reason the toolbar is showing that I have 2 notifications (also shows in the title bar) but when clicking on the notification icon I don't see any notifications? I just updated phabricator today to see if it would resolve the issue and it has not. If I clock "Mark all as Read" it just tells me You have no unread notifications. I can provide access to this instance if need be, I do not know how I can get this to reproduce.

phabricator 8a85ee7c1575945a0c649a255e28b951173465c9 (Sat, Jan 7)
arcanist ade25facfdf22aed1c1e20fed3e58e60c0be3c2b (Thu, Jan 5)
phutil c5848b71c10fb585b2cfdfaaee13aec2ba163c8d (Thu, Jan 5)