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Tooltip for "Preview" in comment box overflows horizontally
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When using haunt mode, extra scrollbars appear when hovering over the "Preview" icon and triggering the Tooltip. To reproduce:

  • Master (HEAD)
  • Enable Haunt mode by hitting Z or clicking the pin icon in the comment toolbar
  • Hover mouse over preview icon
  • Entire haunt mode div jumps repeatedly (Chrome, Mac, Desktop)

FWIW, I can't duplicate this on a laptop. T10687 is still likely the root issue, but maybe there s a div we can overflow: hidden here.

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chad added a subscriber: chad.

Actually, this is a haunt mode bug, I'll update the description with a full set of reproducible steps.

chad updated the task description. (Show Details)

I think this really is the same as T10687, but the jittery bad degenerate behavior is only when a scrollbar gets added, so probably laptop + mouse works to repro but not laptop + touchpad?

I'll just look at fixing this and T10687 and see where we end up.

On my laptop it triggers either to the right of the preview icon or to the bottom, on my desktop, it does top, and gets jittery.