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'Affected files' doesn't work in 'Commits' Herald rules
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The Affected files works in a Differential Revisions rule but it doesn't seem to work on a Commits one. Is that expected?

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a Herald rule that is triggered on Commits
  • add a condition on Affected files
  • use the Test Console from Herald to test a commit.

I tried of the Affected files options and none of them seem to work. Most notably neither exists or does not exist, which I would expect to cover all the cases, ever match.

If the Affected files is not actually supported for Commits it would be less confusing if it doesn't show up in the list of options.

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Please read Contributing Bug Reports and fill in all required information for a bug report. Thanks!

I tried the following, specifically:

  • New Commit Rule
  • Personal Rule
  • Affected files contains "pasta"
  • Add me as an auditor
  • Push a new commit to rGITTEST modifying the file "pasta"

Here's my successful Herald Transcript:

Do you have any ideas or thoughts as to what I can do differently to reproduce your issue?

The transcript you are pointing doesn't seem to be obtained using Test Console. Can you try using that?

Please complete the bug report first.

(We don't maintain two code paths for Herald / Test Console)

This issue was solved by updating to the latest everything. I apologize for the noise. :-(

This is the versions I had when I was seeing the issue from the report:

After update the Affected files works fine for Commits too. The hashes I see are the following:

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