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"Create a Paste" button on welcome page doesn't work
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The Create a Paste big info button links to /paste/create
The Crumbs action works as expected as it links to /paste/edit/form/default/


  • Create new instance of phabricator.
  • Navigate to /paste/
  • Click big green Create a Paste button
    unpasteable.png (296×708 px, 18 KB)

Expected Result:

  • Land on /paste/edit/form/default/ creation form

Actual Result:

  • Land on /paste/create/ which shows a 404 page

Additional Information:

  • Navigate to /paste/
  • Click breadcrumb Create Paste button
  • Land on /paste/edit/form/default/ which works as expected

AFAIK, the green button is only visible when there are no pastes yet.


phabricator 09775279a949f489264a13dd4a5a1008c79a9bc8 (Thu, Oct 27)
arcanist fad85844314b151994769a461825c90f7400c145 (Fri, Oct 21)
phutil daeaed6bfbc30fdd431aa95fe50b4f24cb87cd45 (Thu, Oct 27)

Also tested on test instance on phacility.