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Garbage tool complains about invalid translation on 'set-policy' command
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When executing bin/garbage set-policy ... on my instance I get:

phabricator # ./bin/garbage set-policy --collector worker.tasks --days 3
[Invalid Translation!] The "en_US" language data offers variant translations for the plurality or gender of argument 1, but the value for that argument is not an integer, PhutilNumber, or PhutilPerson (it is a value of type "string"). Raw input: <Setting retention policy for "%s" to %s day(s).>.
Wrote new policy to local configuration.
This change will take effect the next time the daemons are restarted.

The command still succeeds and the policy gets updated.

Version Information

phabricator: 1e488e92771a0700f0eda938805df469e40eba59 (Sat, Oct 29)
arcanist: fad85844314b151994769a461825c90f7400c145 (Sat, Oct 22)
phutil: f62a265bad6087d76f60b30c76da6abfb40cc832 (Fri, Oct 28)

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