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Make Conpherence send text with bare return key, like a chatroom
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Sep 12 2016, 1:58 PM
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Currently, you must Command+Enter (or similar) to submit text in Conpherence. Everyone but me hates this and I don't feel strongly enough to add an option. Conpherence is clearly a very chat-like application in modern usage.

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Oh, we do this in column now. I guess it's not 4 hours of work for me :)


This is probably 5 minutes of work, I am just incredibly unreliable.

I've heard you are exceptional with pets.

chad edited projects, added Conpherence (v4); removed Conpherence.

I don't suppose there is any easy way to add this to a users preference settings? I often compose complex stuff in conpherence and am continually sending incomplete messages to the chat...

No easy way, but we'll keep a lookout for how common this request is and roll with it if needed.