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Add favicon notification for new replay on open task tab
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This is very useful, specially in scenarios like this, for people that like to have important tasks open in tabs.

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Also in this example you can see how slack uses favicon change to notify about new message.
It can be option in phabricator configuration, and also phabricator already supports similar notification but only after you view tab with task?
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seems super easy to implement?

ps. I also added this few days a go as a commen in T5368#192816

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This doesn't appear to be a valid feature request. See Contributing Feature Requests.

Specifically, we only take feature requests as problems, that is, that you have an issue you're not able to solve currently in Phabricator. This idea is nice, but problematic when combined with all the possible applications we have (in particular our chat client Conpherence). If we do anything with the favicon, it'd likely be for direct mentions.

If you're having problems noticing a specific UI element in Phabricator, it might be better to start there and understand that issue.

Ill go true Contributing Feature Requests and submit it properly.
This is a must feature, even gmail add it today with blue dot! (maybe its partial release)