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`arc patch` download empty binary file from hosted svn repository
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I can't download patch contains binary file properly on a new and clean setup phabricator subversion repository.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. checkout the hosted svn repository and add a binary file (e.g hello.jpg).
  2. using arc diff to upload patch to Differntial. I had verified that binary file properties in ok on webGUI.
  3. Use arc patch to download the patch on a brand new checked out folder and success.
  4. The binary file hello.jpg size is 0 on my file system. The expected result is I can get the same binary file as in patch.

I can reproduce issue both on my server and a demo setup at I tried to upgrade my svn client version to 1.9.4 with no luck. Note that if I checkout the repository using git-svn then there is no issue to download the patch.

version information

server OS:
CentOS 7.1

Client OS:
ubuntu 14.04

svn client:
version 1.8.8 (r1568071) and version 1.9.4 (r1740329)

phabricator :
phabricator 492fd29a1bd4d48dac1acdf3c89475d333af863b (Tue, Aug 30)
arcanist 10e5194752901959507223c01e0878e6b8312cc5 (Sat, Aug 27)
phutil d6818e59c1764ede22cad56f8c5b1b527cb6a577 (Sat, Aug 27)

arcanist 9e82ef979e8148c43b9b8439025d505b1219e213 (25 Aug 2016)
libphutil 491ebc74d816dbe2fc8bbbbc992e8a14f8c613be (29 Aug 2016)

Event Timeline

I've just dumped this on the pile of arc patch-related bugs. Some of them are likely duplicates, possibly including this one, but I don't expect to dig through that pile until the next major iteration on arc, since at least some of them are likely not addressable without other changes. T11429 has a rough overview of upcoming plans.