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Send emails/notifications containing the link to the action on the object which triggered it
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I'm receiving a lot of emails from our phabricator instance (I narrowed them down to my preferences, so only something that requires my attention is sent).

My focus here is on Maniphest, but I guess any object could be tracked. Currently, in Maniphest when somebody comments you send:

[Maniphest] [Commented On] T10000; Task Title

update content


A proposal is to send link to the change so you get focused to the change instead of just the task itself. Makes it easier to track the task changes when reacting from emails.

So, in TASK DETAIL alongside the regular link to task, you send the link to the comment, task change (subscribers changed, tags changed, moving to columns in workboard), whatnot:


I know that the root problem here is not that big and the request is only a really minor usability and UX tweak.

I currently either respond from email (we configured Mailgun inbound emails) when on mobile and when using desktop/laptop I go the task on phab and press "END" keyboard shortcut to go to the bottom of the page.

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kristo.mario renamed this task from Send emails containing the link to the action on the object which cause the email to be sent to Send emails/notifications containing the link to the action on the object which triggered it.Aug 25 2016, 8:08 AM

This would be a usability loss for us though - frequently one of the issues we have with Phriction emails is that they take you to the comparison instead of the wiki page (usually because of how Google Mail hides duplicate content). Changing the behaviour of Maniphest to do that as well would make our lives more difficult.

Yes, gmail hides duplicate content and that I too see as a usability problem for Phriction where the diff is not the thing you want to see but I recon that on Maniphest you want to be lead to the section of the task which caused the notification.

I'm not talking about showing you the diff.

Phriction could be "fixed" by attaching the ?v=$version number in the url which would be then in turn always be shown in the email and lead you to the phriction page, not the diff.

So, a one-to-rule-them-all solution is to provide both the task / phriction doc url which is versioned and that way emails would always show you the:

  • task / document / object in plain sight (not hidden by gmail)
  • link to change if you wish to go there

Thanks, I guessed it's complex.

Anyway, I sent this feedback, up to you do plan your product.

IMO, I would work more to focus the UX and usability efforts so that the user never has to leave Phabricator interface and make it more interactive and "real-time" ie. acting like an app.