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Herald unable to email the owners of a package
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I have an owners package defined for a repository, and it's correctly detecting when changes are pushed.

I added a Herald rule to email the package owners whenever the package is modified, but no emails are sent. According to the transcript, it did not think the owner package was of the correct type.

Action: Send an email to	
Invalid Targets	1 target(s) are invalid or of the wrong type: O3: BCAPI.

rule.png (480×460 px, 24 KB)

herald.png (158×627 px, 16 KB)

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Let me see if I can reproduce this, but this is probably straightforward to fix -- I suspect some code just didn't get updated when Owners packages became mailable.

If that is the root cause, we should probably introduce some kind of MailableInterface to avoid this sort of issue in the future.

Forgot to mention we're running stable week 34.