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Make related object search more flexible
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When adding a related object (e.g. adding a task to a diff) a popup with a search field pops up.
The search result does only contains results that start with the given search term.

So if you have these 3 tasks ...

  • Hello World
  • World Hello
  • Other random thing

... and you type World in the "related object search field" you'll only get World Hello as a result.

It would be useful if the whole title is searched by a "contains" instead of "starts with"

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How can I reproduce this?

We even search the description.

(I have no idea on this either, the related object task search is definitely fulltext.)

Ok sorry for that - that was a really bad example... The problem is that only complete words are found and not parts of it.
So you'll get a result for "Hello" but not for "Hell".
So searching for "Component" will give no result if the title is "Components". Is that correct?