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Clicking on mock inline comment preview doesn't display the correct image
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a mock with several images
  2. Add an inline comment to the second image and save
  3. Display the first image of the mock by clicking on its thumbnail
  4. Scroll down and click on the inline comment preview (the thumbnail on the left of the comment)

The page scrolls up to the image, but it still displays the first image instead of the second (to which the comment applies).

If I'm not missing something, that looks like a bug!


phabricator 139e93916f976ae167dc7919b4fa828e6f65d756 (Sat, Jul 30) 
arcanist    65cd42fb0363eedd0e8762f25db7c39b58a79d6f (Sat, Jul 30) 
phutil      d4b891fbcd83e3979f3c9a54d8fc5eb0c94dd202 (Sat, Jul 30)

PS: phabricator is awesome!