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Calendar: Inviting / uninviting transactions omit key information
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  1. Create an event with persons
  2. Remove one person, or more
  3. See the message, I can see at E1036:
Luke081515.2 invited: ; uninvited: .

Version: Can reproduce it here. (at my instance too, master from today)

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avivey renamed this task from Calendar: Inviting / uninviting throws strange messages to Calendar: Inviting / uninviting transactions omit key information.Jul 17 2016, 6:34 PM

Mostly, that's because getChanges in PhabricatorCalendarEventInviteTransaction is wrong - the phids in this transaction are in keys, not values.

But more disturbingly, there's some bug with the rendering too:

As it is, the text renders like this;

pasted_file (55×245 px, 3 KB)

but the string used in pht is %s invited %s attendee(s): %s; uninvinted %s attendee(s): %s..
Adding a space before the first %s renders ok:

pasted_file (29×344 px, 4 KB)

Maybe I shouldn't debug things before coffee. getChanges is fine, the problem is something else; I think the recorded information might be wrong.