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metamta.placeholder-to-recipient doesn't upgrade CCs to To as it says so.
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The problem is I created a personal herald rule to send me an email when a certain author commits. The rule passes but the mail delivery fails. When I look at the details under Metadata I see the following

Message PHID PHID-XXXX-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Status Details Invalid address: null
Actor XYZ
Related Object rXXxxxxxx: - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

To test if empty "metamta.placeholder-to-recipient" is causing the problem I added some email ID to it and resent (using ./bin/mail resend) the mail, it works perfectly, the mail is sent.

Now my question is shouldn't the CC's be upgraded to To here ?

These are the version details

phabricator 77d543ba44638a2e43e1b6bb7f75db80b4046409 (Sat, May 21)
arcanist 0249f90a9a4aa42da0823673a6ac8c620251d82a (Sat, May 21)
phutil 7ff4bd8dfb0b58686a72821dd0e9e79e0f5cbbb9 (Sat, May 21)
Local Version Bitnami Phabricator 20160523-0

Any pointers will be helpful.


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In any case, I can't reproduce this by making a reasonable effort to guess what the reproduction steps might be. This install is configured with no metamta.placeholder-to-recipient:

However, it upgrades "Cc" to "To" as expected:

Local Version Bitnami

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