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Phabricator sending unexpected email for commits that aren't obviously related to the user
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After upgrading our Phabricator installation to 2016 Week 21, a lot of our users started receiving email notifications about commits that aren't obviously related to them.

It looks like the issue may be that Phabricator is sending out audit email to owners of a package for all commits that are in that package, even if no audit is triggered.

For example, one user received an unexpected email about a commit that had X-Phabricator-Mail-Tags: <audit-commit>, <audit-add-auditors>. The commit only had one group auditor, however, and this user wasn't a member of that group. Interestingly, though, the commit did contain files that were part of other packages that the user was a member of, but the groups for those packages were not added as auditors.

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Can you be more specific about the steps to reproduce?

I think I have a pretty good guess about this one.

I think we're sending mail to all auditors, including "uninteresting" auditors. I think we always did this, but previously packages couldn't actually receive mail, so it was moot. Fix is likely to just exclude the "uninteresting" auditors from mail recipients.

That sounds like it might be what's going on. I apologize for not having better steps to reproduce; I'm working backward from example emails that folks are receiving, so it's been a bit of a guessing game as to how to make this happen.

One detail I forgot to include is that the To: line of at least one such email contained all of the packages that matched files in the commit (and the recipient was a member of a couple of those packages), which, in conjunction with the mail tags, is what got me thinking that packages are involved.

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