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Unrecognized lint message code "I003".
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When running arc diff master --preview, it fails with:

Error  (I003) JSHintI003
 ES5 option is now set per default

So I added I003 to .arclint:

"jshint": {
  "type": "jshint",
  "include": "(\\.js$|\\.es6$)",
  "severity": {
    "I003": "disabled"

But it fails:

Error in parsing '.arclint' file, in key 'severity' for linter 'jshint'.
Unrecognized lint message code "I003". Expected a valid JSHint lint code like "E033" or "W093".
(Run with --trace for a full exception trace.)

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Software versions and steps to reproduce are required information for us on bug reports. Do you mind filling this out please? See Contributing Bug Reports.

Specifically, what version of JSHint are you using would be most helpful.

jshint version is the latest: jshint v2.9.2. I'll add more infos to this ticket soon...